Thank you for taking the Pledge to Listen First! Here are 3 steps to live out your pledge:

1. SHARE LISTEN FIRST: Share your pledge and invite others to join you!

We can all use reminders to Listen First. We encourage you to share the pledge online and ask your friends to join you. We also encourage you to highlight examples of listening first, as well as calling out examples of incivility, by using the #ListenFirst hashtag.

Infuse all of your conversations with the practice and reminder to #ListenFirst. We also encourage you to connect with us by following and liking us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. SUPPORT LISTEN FIRST: Make a donation towards rebuilding civil discourse, and receive a FREE LFP bumper sticker!

At LFP, we're dependent on your grassroots actions and donations to help us take this conversation where it's needed most. That takes significant financial resources, and we need your partnership to make it happen.

With a donation of at least $5, we'll send you a FREE LFP sticker to help get the conversation started. We've send thousands of bumper stickers all over the country and would love to see you join the movement to multiply the reach of our message. Want to amplify Listen First even more? We'll pay for you to get a LISTN1ST license plate!

3. JOIN LISTEN FIRST CONVERSATIONS: Participate in your first Listen First Conversation with friends!

Our Listen First pledges would be meaningless unless we actually went out and started listening. Listening isn't passive. It's something we intentionally do. We have two ways to help you live out your pledge with your neighbors:

Listen First Conversation Guidelines

Your pledge first starts with you and your circle of friends and family. Think of someone right now who you may disagree with, and commit to having a Listen First Conversation with them this week. We've even created Top 10 Guidelines to help you out:

  1. Come with an open mind, ready to learn and grow
  2. Listen to others as you want them to listen to you
  3. Fully listen to and consider others' views before sharing your own
  4. Allow others the courtesy of silence while they are speaking
  5. Be fully present and curious rather than thinking of how to respond
  6. Maintain a calm and respectful tone when speaking and a relaxed posture when listening
  7. Physically engage free of distractions with eye contact and a relatively neutral expression
  8. Restate what you heard to clarify understanding, making sure to use "I" statements (“What I heard you say was” or “The way I understand your position is”)
  9. Ask thoughtful and respectful questions, free from judgement, assumption, or bias
  10. Seek to discover common interests and areas of agreement by focusing more on why than what, more on personal experiences than positions

Click here to read more about our Listen First Conversation Guidelines.

Listen First Conversation Events

Listen First Project is also committed to creating Listen First Conversation opportunities where they are needed most. We've got an amazing team dedicated to having Listen First Conversation Events all over the United States. These Listen First Events may take the form of a Facebook live-stream conversation among ideologically and demographically diverse people on important topics, or round tables in cities impacted by major headline-grabbing events, or simply informal gatherings of individuals who want to better understand different perspectives. We also have school and community chapters of Listen First across the country conducting Listen First Conversation in their local areas.