Recognizing businesses that champion mending the frayed fabric of America 

We proudly recognize businesses that embody and promote the Listen First ideals of encouraging conversations and prioritizing understanding, especially across divides. The business community enjoys increasing cultural influence in America and has played a leading role in social change. We now invite companies to distinguish themselves as champions of mending the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. Listen First Businesses are credited in the marketplace for putting listening first in their interactions with customers, employees and other stakeholders while promoting broad social change. The data below illuminates the power of such a stand.

There are a number of ways businesses may choose to promote the Listen First mission: external communications including the “#ListenFirst” message, internal Listen First Means Business training, and sponsorship of Listen First programs such as the overarching, collaborative movement platform National Conversation Project powered by 150+ organizations. Specifically, businesses are invited to be Sustaining Members of National Conversation Project. Businesses have a unique opportunity to help turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening division in America.

  • Strengthen brand and market position as champion of conversations that prioritize understanding

    • Many Americans say employers have a responsibility to improve civility in society

    • Companies can increase the bottom line by speaking out on issues unrelated to their core business but that personally matter to consumers

    • Intention to purchase increases when consumers hear about the CEO making a public statement with which the consumers agree

    • Virtue signaling can galvanize support and generate goodwill for a company

    • 51 percent of Millennials say they would be more likely to buy from a company whose CEO spoke out on an issue they agree with

    • 47 percent of Millennials believe CEOs have a responsibility to speak up about issues that are important to society

  • Boost pride and loyalty among employees

    • 44 percent of Millennial employees would be more loyal to their organization if their CEO took a position on a current issue

  • Allow employees to organize a Listen First group at work

    • 11% of employees would like to start or join a civility group at their workplace

  • Establish your business as a civic leader in your community by supporting local Listen First Conversations

  • Forward your corporate philanthropy, cause promotion and corporate social marketing goals in support of the non-partisan, non-controversial Listen First movement to bridge divides

Business offers the opportunity to strengthen the development of personal relations… to understand each other and to cooperate sympathetically, for the common good.
— John D. Rockefeller
In a knowledge economy, good business is a community with a purpose… to make a profit in order to do something better.
— Charles Handy

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