The movement to restore civil discourse one conversation at a time

In today's hyper-polarized and tribalized world, we're committed to turning the tide by starting new conversations that bridge divides.

We believe when people genuinely listen in open and honest conversation - especially with someone of different views - our relationships, communities and culture are transformed. We don't need to agree but can gain a new respect and appreciation for other perspectives.

Restoring civil discourse won't be easy. 
But it starts with us and it starts with you. 


It started with an essay.

A fresh perspective and heartfelt words on a bus ride across Africa. A humble blog post ignited a movement.

Read by thousands and published in dozens of newspapers across the United States, "It's Time to Listen" started it all. 

This was just the beginning of a new conversation on the power of listening in America and around the world.

Will you join us?

Thousands of people have signed the Listen First Pledge!