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Businesses spend hundreds of millions each year auditing their financial records, examining their use of social media, and taking the pulse of employees through engagement surveys. Each of these activities is worthwhile - to plan strategies for improving, one must know where they have been.

But how many of the challenges you face are the result of inadequate listening - how do misunderstanding and other communication-based challenges effect your bottom line? What about employee turnover - how much of this is due to your workforce not feeling valued, like their voices are not heard?

Chances are, you don't fully know what poor listening is costing your organization!

Let Listen First Project conduct a formal Listening Audit inside your organization! We can tell you how well you foster a listening-based climate and whether your organization is built on an architecture of listening

Our auditing services include 360-degree listening environment surveys, ethnographic observation, and team-based listening habit reports. This service can also complement our Listen First Means Business workshops.

Contact Graham Bodie, Ph.D - graham@listenfirstproject.org for more information!