Listening Intelligence


1. The ability of an individual to adapt listening to the needs and interests of other people and situations.

2. The ability of organizations to mobilize the cognitive diversity of its workforce, through improved listening.

People listen to and for different types of information, following habits that have slowly developed over years and that are not immediately malleable. ECHO stands for Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations - and the ECHO Listening Profile identifies the listening habits of individuals and groups to help build healthier homes, communities, organizations, and relationships.

Listening Intelligence is the greater awareness and ability that begins when people understand how they themselves listen and can, in turn, examine their own blind spots. Once individuals internalize their own listening style, they can adjust their communication to speak into other people’s listening preferences, enhancing the chance that they’ll be fully understood.

So, what DOES the ECHO Listening Profile do?

The ECHO Listening Profile is the first cognitive-based listening assessment that enables organizations to quickly understand the listening styles and corresponding behaviors of their teams, individual employees and future hires. This statistically reliable ten-minute survey helps identify an individual’s personal listening style or habit in the workplace. It measures how individuals listen to, filter, and interpret what they hear, and how that interpretation affects how they communicate with those around them.

To get a more in-depth look at what exactly the ECHO measures, take a look at an example profile here.

Ready to take the assessment?

ECHO Listening has agreed to match any individual donation of $50 or more with a FREE ECHO Listening Assessment! These assessments normally cost $100!!! To take advantage of this incredible partnership, make your donation today! Not only will you be learning valuable information about how you tend to listen, but you will be supporting our efforts of teaching the world to listen!