National Week of Conversation, April 20-28!

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I'm thrilled to announce the first annual National Week of Conversation, April 20-28!

Alongside the Bridge Alliance and other leading partners, Listen First Project is spearheading this landmark event to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. 
A healthy, vibrant society—especially in a democratic republic—requires effective communication among citizens. But the past several years have been hard on conversations. 75% of Americans now believe the lack of civility has reached a crisis level. Our modern technology and society separates us into tribes that seldom interact. 

Without relationships, animosity grows. Not just for different perspectives, but also for the people who hold them. Disagreements grow into dislike, distrust, and even disgust with the other.

But we can turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening division. In conversations—and the relationships they build—is hope for bridging the divides that threaten the fabric of America. Each person who listens first to understand the other tips the scales toward a better direction for our nation.

During National Week of Conversation, people across the country will enjoy conversations that prioritize understanding the other. After pledging to #ListenFirst to understand, participants will choose the type of conversation they want, then have an enriching experience that may span political, social-economic and cultural divides. People will participate at public events such as Listen First in Charlottesvilleor in private groups in libraries, community centers, schools, clubs, online video conferences, restaurants and homes.

Mark your calendar and tell you friends that April 20-28 is the week we make America greater together by listening first to understand!