What if it's all of us?

What are the chances that we're always right and they're always wrong? That we're largely good and they're largely bad? That our problems are mostly their fault? That behaviors I'm quick to rebuke among them are reasonably justified among us? That we have the answers and gain nothing from understanding them? That we hold the truth and all their facts are fake?

A black and white view of the world, and other people, doesn't leave much room for humility, or learning, or real progress. What if it's not just them? What if it's all of us, and we're all in trouble, together?

As disagreement increasingly escalates to distrust, dislike, and disdain, our natural tribalism may destroy this thing we call America. Right now, it might be too much for us and them to bridge our divides, but me and you, we can do something different. Let's me and you buck the trend together and see what happens—one conversation at a time. National Week of Conversation is April 20-28.