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"We often hear the phrase 'one person can change the world' but dismiss it as a utopian idea. Pearce is doing just that. I can't begin to explain how encouraged I am by Pearce and his efforts. I am honored to be a part of his Listen First movement. I challenge every one of you to take his words to heart and Listen First." - Misty Odell, Durham, NC

"The Listen First project is on the bleeding edge of restoring civil discourse in our country. There is no more important mission to be on. We are divided, we are yelling, and we are losing the very values of free speech and honest disagreement that built this country. The Listen First Project is making a difference!" - Ben Mathes, Los Angeles, CA

"Listening is key to success in most areas of life - both personally and professionally. To see people passionate about spreading this good news, well there is nothing more pleasing to my ears." - Graham Bodie, PhD, Oxford, MS

"How I wish people's and nations' perceptions change because of LFP! It should be the way forward for the world but can only happen if people, leaders and nations learn to listen." - Augustine Okello, Uganda, Africa

"I think Listen First Project is going to save our state and maybe the country and the world." - Matt Ilinitch, Stanford, CA

“What you’re doing is having a profoundly meaningful impact on our nation. Civil discourse in the public square and the ability to peacefully disagree are two of the core tenets of a truly free society.” - Frank Ward, Austin, TX

"The Listen First movement really could not have come at a better time for the country." - Chris Taylor, Washington, DC

"Pearce is an inspiring, humble and passionate voice in the movement to bring kindness and unity back to our country." - Sabrina Moyle, San Francisco, CA

"Listening is the foundation for trust and community, so I think this effort is going to be very well received." - Lucas Cioffi, Charlottesville, VA

"The culture needs you right now." - Matthew Faraci, Los Angeles, CA

"LFP is exactly the influence this country needs." - Brad Thompson, Charleston, SC

"Listen First Project is exactly what this country needs right now" - Eric Pacifici, Dallas Texas

"What an amazing message at such an important time for our nation." - Patrick Redmond, Charlotte, NC

"LFP can be an awesome, powerful, national and international movement in the years to come." - Harper Hornaday, Lake Placid, NY

"LFP is so great, so refreshing, so important to the future of our country. Progress and national unity depend on it." - Regina Bell, Arlington, VA

"You're doing heroic work that you are uniquely qualified to do. That's real alignment! Excited to keep going!" - Ben Mathes, Los Angeles, CA

"A lot of the world's problems will be solved if people start listening to each other and make genuine effort to understand different perspectives. Kudos and respect to you for working in this direction!" - Saloni Uboweja, Raleigh, NC

"What you are doing is something that will ultimately make our families, businesses, neighborhoods, governments, and our relationships resoundingly better. The idea and philosophy behind Listen First is what we attempt to teach our children, what we hope our bosses and colleagues subscribe to, and ideally what we should strive to achieve in our own lives. This is how we will begin to turn the tide with regards to social civility in the future. Thank you for making the effort to begin the conversation on importance of listening, which is really part of the larger need to regain lost respect, decency, and love for our fellow man. This is the first time I have seen a mission like this with infinite possibilities to make a positive difference." - Drew Warren, Washington, DC

"Thank you for the important work you are doing in this divided time." - Amber Smith, Raleigh, NC

"Awesome young people with a powerful message! Gives me a lot of hope." - Rachel Wilde

"A powerful message on faith, politics and what's missing from each." - Kelly Holdway, Washington, DC

"If we all strived to partake of your 'humble prescription', this would be a better world in which to live." – Katherine Allen, Ahoskie, NC

"I hope your eloquent message opens eyes, hearts and minds." – Editor, Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC)

"Thanks for putting into words what so many of us feel." – Wortham Boyle, Cary, NC

"Political polarization has crippled this fine nation and taken its citizens hostage. Great message." – John Mena, Boone, NC

"Thank you for this message. I truly believe if everyone would read this and take it to heart that we could transform America into the country it was intended to be. I am pledging to do MY best to listen." – Patricia Sheppard, Tar Heel, NC

"If all of us would do this, we would have a better world and a great political system." – Lloyd Godwin, Lakeland, FL

"This really is the true meaning of diversity. We all improve our intellect and the accuracy of our perceptions when we LISTEN to individuals with differing experiences and backgrounds." – Roy Kiefer, Washington, DC

"Wow, how important these words are for all of us." – Wes Cone, Clinton, NC

"Your words resonate in my mind and heart. I know they will in many others." – Alex Wann, Torrington, Wyoming

"This is a great combination of honest passion and serious political perspective, much needed these days." – Duke Professor, Durham, NC

"YES we need to listen to each other. Many Americans are sick and tired of the fanatical mudslinging." – Myrtle Beach Sun Commenter (SC)

"I couldn't agree more with your sentiments, and I hope this message can reach a wider audience. Your advice to simply 'listen' is very true and so easily forgotten in today's world." – Doug Nation, Washington, DC

"I couldn't be any more impressed with this movement. Simply listening is always the ticket to success but unfortunately rarely happens." – Chris White, Raleigh, NC

"It’s refreshing to hear this. 'Love your neighbor' and 'turn the other cheek.' Things that can be hard to do, like listening." – News & Observer Commenter (NC)

"This is an absolutely fantastic idea and way of living. There is no better way to grow as a whole than to listen." – Tracy Petroski, Danville, CA

"I very much agree there has been too much sound and not enough light in our public discourse." – Art Sherwood, Blowing Rock, NC

"Love this! The amount of shaming and Phariseeism that I see in American politics is out of control!" – Kristen Campbell, San Mateo, CA

"Excellent message. I'm so glad for this sane and reasonable perspective. As a liberal Democrat, I'd be delighted to engage in this kind of productive dialogue." – Deseret News Commenter (UT)

"Can you hear the silence? There's nothing anyone can say to counter your 'ears, eyes, and mind wide open' approach." – Watauga Democrat Commenter (NC)

"I wish you much success in spreading the gospel of civil debate. Lord knows we need it." – Monte Thompson, Ahoskie, NC

"I really wish everyone, especially leaders, would read this timely message. The phrase "mutual-reinforcement parties" rings so true! I've been guilty of this, but I will try to take your advice more consistently and listen." – The State Commenter (SC)

"Amen! A noble and worthy cause to spread. I feel bad for younger generations which haven't seen a time when our country's leaders were able to join together and work things out for the good of society." – Deseret News Commenter (UT)