Listen First Project facilitates greater understanding, respect, and cooperation by encouraging listening. The Listen First movement can restore relationships, build bridges, and mend the frayed fabric of society. 

In today's hyper-polarized and tribalized world, we're committed to turning the tide by starting new conversations that bridge dividesmoving from us vs. them to me and you.

We believe when people genuinely listen in open and honest conversationespecially with someone of different viewsour relationships, communities and culture are transformed. We don't need to agree but can gain a new respect and understanding for other perspectives.

As each one of us individually pledge to Listen First, we will restore civil discourseone Listen First Conversation at a time. 


It started with an essay.

A fresh perspective and heartfelt words on a bus ride across Africa. A humble blog post ignited a movement.

Read by thousands and published in dozens of newspapers across the United States, "It's Time to Listen" started it all. 

Will you join us?

Thousands of people have signed the Listen First Pledge!