Listen First Project encourages conversations towards increased respect and understandingdriving the Listen First movement to restore relationships, bridge divides, and mend the frayed fabric of society. 

In today's hyper-polarized and tribalized world, we must turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening division by starting new conversations that bridge dividesmove from 'us vs. them' to 'me and you.' A healthy society cannot survive amidst increasing attacks on the humanity of our neighbors because they see the world differently. We don't always need to compromise or agree but can gain a new respect and understanding for other perspectives. Our shared future depends on it.  

As each one of us individually pledge to Listen First, we can bridge divides one Listen First Conversation at a time. 


Started with an essay

A fresh perspective and heartfelt words on a bus ride across Africa. A humble essay called "It's Time to Listen" reached millions and ignited a grassroots Listen First movement to rebuild civil discourse and bridge divides one conversation at a time. 

Will you join us?

Thousands of people have signed the Listen First Pledge!