Leaders Pledge to Listen First

"I will listen first to understand and consider another's views before sharing my own. I will prioritize respect and understanding in conversation. And I will encourage others to do the same."

Roger Allison: Candidate, NC-1
Michael Allman: Candidate, CA-52
Bret Baier: Journalist, Fox News
Andrew Baxter: Fire Chief, Charlottesville, VA
Donna Brazile: Former Chair, Democratic National Committee
Susan Bro: Activist, Mother of Heather Heyer
Beatrice Cardenas: Candidate, CA-27
Christopher Chamberlin: Candidate, MN-5
Katie Couric: Journalist, America Inside Out
Linda Devore: Candidate, NC House-44
Noah Dyer: Candidate, AZ Governor
Kevin Dunne: Candidate, Alexandria, VA City Council
Alex Ebert: Singer-songwriter, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Dr. Catherine Edmonds: Superintendent, Bertie County, NC
Marc Friedenberg: Candidate, PA-12
Ramon Garcia: Candidate, WI-5
Aaron Godfrey: Candidate, OH-16
Charlene Green: Human Rights Official, Charlottesville, VA
Allen Groves: Dean, University of Virginia
Travis Groo: Candidate, NC House-11
Rabbi Tom Gutherz: Charlottesville, VA
Hank Hamblin: Candidate, TN-2
Yvonne Hinson: Candidate, FL-3
Tommy Hyche: Candidate, AL House-61
Tabitha Isner: Candidate, AL-2
Vincent Jennings: Candidate, MO-7
Rev. F. Willis Johnson: Pastor, Ferguson, MO
Van Jones: Commentator, CNN
Sarah Kenny: Former Student Body President, University of Virginia
Cissie Graham Lynch: Missionary, President's Evangelical Advisory Board
Steven Machat: Candidate, FL-26
Wendy Ella May: Candidate, NC-2
Karen McCormick: Candidate, CO-04
Matt Motyl: Executive Director, Civil Politics
Cooper Nye: Candidate, MI-11
Christian Picciolini: Anti-hate Activist
Phillip Price: Candidate, NC-11
Joe Pinion: Candidate, NY Assembly-90
Erik Raudsep: Candidate, NC House-31
Harold Rocketto: Candidate, TX-7
Jamie Schoolcraft: Candidate, MO-7
Lynn Spruill: Mayor, Starkville, MS
Michael Steele: Former Chair, Republican National Committee
Robyn Tannehill: Mayor, Oxford, MS
Marc Tiegel: Candidate, NC-8
Nick Thomas: Candidate, CO-2
Michael Thuener: Candidate, CO House-50
Rich Updegrove: Candidate, Duluth, MN
Frank Ward: Candidate, Austin, TX
Ryan Watts: Candidate, NC-6
Emmanuel Wilder: Candidate, NC House-41
Dominique Wilkins: Basketball Hall of Fame
Dr. Brian Williams: Trauma Surgeon, Dallas, TX
Gerald Wong: Candidate, NC-6
Peter Yarrow: Singer-songwriter, Peter, Paul and Mary

National and local leaders have a special opportunity to champion the mending of the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. We encourage all civic and cultural influencers—including candidates for office—to join the thousands of people who have signed the Listen First Pledge, which is also the foundation of the National Conversation Project. Listen First Project is strictly nonpartisan; we do not endorse or campaign for any candidate or issue.

*Leaders should include a comment with their pledge signature noting their position.