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Candidates & Leaders who Pledge to Listen First

Encourage candidates and leaders to join thousands across America in pledging to Listen First! 

"I will listen first to understand and consider another's views before sharing my own. I will prioritize respect and understanding in conversation. And I will encourage others to do the same."

Roger Allison (NC-1) 
Michael Allman (CA-52)
Beatrice Cardenas (CA-27)
Christopher Chamberlin (MN-5)
Noah Dyer (AZ Governor)
Marc Friedenberg (PA-12)
Ramon Garcia (WI-5)
Aaron Godfrey (OH-16)
Hank Hamblin (TN-2)
Yvonne Hinson (FL-3)
Tabitha Isner (AL-2)
Vincent Jennings (MO-7) 
Steven Machat (FL-26)
Wendy Ella May (NC-2
Cooper Nye (MI-11)
Jamie Schoolcraft (MO-7) 
Robyn Tannehill (Oxford, MS Mayor)
Marc Tiegel (NC-8)
Nick Thomas (CO-2) 
Rich Updegrove (Duluth, MN City Council)
Ryan Watts (NC-6) 
Emmanuel Wilder (NC House-41)
Gerald Wong (NC-6)

*Candidates and leaders signing the pledge should include a comment noting what office they're seeking or currently hold so that Listen First Project can recognize them.

Listen First, Vote Second 2018

Listen First Project is strictly non-partisan and does not endorse any candidate or issue position. We encourage all candidates—across the country and across the spectrum—as well as other civic leaders to join the thousands of people who have signed the Listen First Pledge. Our nation's leaders have a unique opportunity to champion the mending of the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. The Listen First Pledge is also the entry-point and theme of National Week of Conversation.