Who We Are

Listen First Project is a global non-profit that facilitates greater understanding, respect and cooperation by encouraging the timeless but abandoned practice of listening to each other, especially to those with whom we disagree. We believe in the power of listening to transform our discourse and change the world.

We are led by our founder and president, Pearce Godwin, a Board of Directors, and an informal Advisory Council. More than two dozen individuals of highly diverse backgrounds and passions from around the world have united to lend their unique talents to a cause that is bigger than any of us. We've been tremendously encouraged by your reactions and welcome big ideas.

If you would like to partner with Listen First Project financially, we welcome your donation. Your generosity will fund multi-channel, targeted promotion of our message as well as educational programs in high schools and universities in order to foster a new generation of Listening Leaders.

If you would like LFP to speak or host an event for your organization, please email LFP@ListenFirstProject.org. We have spoken to high school and college groups, political leaders, youth camps, and concertgoers. Let's plan an engaging and inspirational event for your audience.

We invite you to join thousands of others in signing the pledge to be part of the Listen First movement to restore civil discourse!

Our Story

It all started on a bus ride across Africa. 

Listen First Project was founded by Pearce Godwin in 2013 shortly after he wrote "It's Time to Listen" at the end of a profound six month experience in Africa. The blog post-turned-national commentary was printed in dozens of major newspapers across the country garnering a tremendously encouraging response. LFP was born out of a desire to turn those words into action and make a tangible impact towards restoring civil discourse and enhancing understanding in America and around the world.

2013: Listen First Project founded with "It's Time to Listen."

2014: Launched the Listen First, Vote Second campaign to directly target the most salient case of our failure to listen to those with whom we disagree - politics. In recognition of the campaign, Pearce was honored to attend the Congressional Summit on Next Generation Leadership on Capitol Hill in Washington.

2015: Launched the Listen First Essay Series drawing on voices from around the world applying listening first to their life experience and the most challenging issues of our time.

2016: Took Listen First, Vote Second to the presidential conventions, had thousands of people sign the Listen First Pledge, began hosting Listen First Conversations on the radio, and launched our first school chapter.

2017: Pearce launched the Listening Coalition of organizations across America working to restore civil discourse and hosted the first Listen First Round Table event with voters from across the political spectrum, which was called a "miracle."

Pearce continues to share his Listen First perspective in widely-published columns promoted by outlets such as the Charlotte Observer, Miami Herald, Oklahoman, and New York Times.