Listen First in Charlottesville & NWOC 4 Weeks Away!

Listen First in Charlottesville (April 20-22) will be covered by multiple national television networks as we seek to both support the progress of healing and reconciliation in Charlottesville and inspire America toward mending the frayed fabric of society by bridging divides with conversations that prioritize understanding the other. Charlottesville—the scene of horrific violence epitomizing the depth of our divisions—can be a city on a hill lighting a new way for America. 

Listen First in Charlottesville will begin an unprecedented National Week of Conversation (April 20-28) based on the #ListenFirst message. In conversations—and the relationships they build—is hope for revitalizing America together. 

You’re invited to participate in both events! Please also consider a donation to help us realize the dream of a Listen First movement sweeping the nation to turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening divisions in America.