Fostering a New Generation of Listen First Leaders

Duke Panel.jpg

When I launched Listen First Project from Africa in 2013, one of the goals I wrote down was "Foster a new generation of Listen First leaders." Now dedicated full-time to this mission and joined by a team of 130+ passionate leaders, that vision is becoming a reality. Last week our original college chapter at Duke hosted a Listen First Conversation among Duke Democrats and College Republicans that earned rave reviews.


Today, I'm excited to announce a joint venture with our friends at BridgeUSA to amplify our message on college campuses coast to coast by launching many new college chapters together. BridgeUSA, begun by students at Notre Dame and Colorado, has had remarkable success promoting rich Listen First Conversations among fellow students of widely diverse perspectives. Our Bridge college chapters will complement Listen First chapters in high schools and communities. We also welcome BridgeUSA executive Manu Meel, a sophomore at Berkeley, onto the LFP Leadership Team. Manu shared the following thoughts on our partnership: 


“Our team at BridgeUSA has been thrilled to see students on campuses across the country successfully bridge divides in their communities and champion ideological diversity. I believe these young people are models for the change we need to better our culture. We at BridgeUSA are excited to apply our early success and experience to this joint venture with Listen First Project, leading the expansion of college chapters across America as a foundational component of the Listen First movement to bridge divides.”

Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to launch a chapter at their high school or college. The Listen First movement to bridge divides is taking off, and we'd love for you to be an active part of our mission!