A reason for hope this season

The holiday season traditionally brings great hope. But many are losing hope that we can save our society from ripping itself apart. It feels like divisions are deepening and rancor is rising. It's scary to think about where our current path is headed. We can't afford to give up hope for a turnaround.

I'm heartened by the fact that our fractured society is still made up of individual people. That means each person who adopts the Listen First Pledge and each person who engages in a Listen First Conversation tips the scales towards a new direction for society at large. If we can reach enough people, culture will change. 

Each of us must decide what role we're going to play in shaping our shared future. Will we passively accept perpetual 'us versus them' conflict or will we actively encourage 'me and you' conversations that bridge divides?

In conversations—and the relationships they build—is hope.