In-Person Workshops

We believe that organizations have unique needs. We further believe that the best organizational development protocol is tailored to those unique needs. As you might expect given our name, we Listen First to organizational needs in order to craft the most appropriate workshop experience, tailored to where you find your organization today and where you hope it will go starting tomorrow.

Our lead facilitator is Dr. Graham Bodie, an internationally recognized expert on listening who has published over 90 monographs, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries. Dr. Bodie has developed in-person workshops and online courses on listening for several organization and can do the same for you.

In more recent years, Graham has led efforts to develop workshops focused specifically on listening across divides. An example 2-day workshop can be found here. As the itinerary suggests, we start broad, focusing first on what a Listen First Culture looks like for your organization then move to helping your team cultivate more positive social connections, especially with people who think and believe differently.

If you would like to bring the Listen First Team to your organization, please email graham@listenfirstproject.org.