Our Financial Support

Listen First Project relies on donations from generous individuals to support our work rebuilding civil discourse and bridging divides. Your tax-deductible financial contributions are used to:

  • Host public events across the country focused on encouraging conversations among people with differing opinions on challenging topics.
  • Foster a new generation of Listen First Leaders with educational programs delivered via school events and chapters.
  • Convene communities around local Listen First chapters.
  • Train workplace teams to Listen First.
  • Engage community, business, and political leaders to champion Listen First.
  • Promote the Listen First message via traditional and new media, bumper stickers, yard signs, and billboards.
  • Galvanize a grassroots Listen First movement to rebuild civil discourse and bridge divides.

Please consider investing in Listen First to
turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening divisions in America!

Premier Listen First Supporters

Platinum Listeners ($1,000+)

Graham Bodie
Kevin Ceglowski
Dan & Debbie Godwin
Pearce & Chrissy Godwin
Andrew Levine
Sabrina Moyle

Gold Listeners ($500 - $999)

Jon Brooks
Jim Duncan
Brian Redmond & Becca Lundberg
Patricia Sheppard
Andrew Warren

Silver Listeners ($200 - $499)

Evan Bare
Thomas Elders
Donna Gaskin
David Ha
Heather Hopkins
Harper Hornaday
Billy Hughes
Jean-Brice Ngouen
Andrea Pereira
Patrick Redmond
Owen Stevens
Leslie Westbrook
Justin Wetzel
Sandra Williams

Premier Listen First support tiers based on amount donated in a single year.